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"More than a Feria"

13th Annual

"Celebrating the Alebrije"

November 14-16, 2014
Friday & Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Club de Yates de Chapala (Chapala Yacht Club)
Paseo Ramón Corona, Chapala, Jalisco

Maestros from Other Years: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009,2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004
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Feria Exposición Maestros del Arte AC Inc. is non-profit in both Mexico and the US. Held yearly at Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, this art show promotes the rapidly disappearing folk and indigenous art (artensania) of Mexico. Artists are invited from all corners of Mexico based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of their work,
  • Has their art been passed down generation to generation,
  • Does the artist use "natural" pigments/materials as was done in the past, or
  • Are they an "undiscovered" artist who is worthy of recognition for his/her work.
  • All art must be made totally handmade by the artist.

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Help us keep Mexico's legacy of folk and indigenous art alive.


Artists attending Feria Maestros del Arte 2014 who are featured in the landmark books The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art, The Great Masters of Latin American Folk Art, or The Great Masters of Oaxaca Folk Art, published and created by Fomento Cultural Banamex are indicated below.


Alejandro Camacho Barrera- (state of Mexico) paper maché toys and alebrijes - creatures of the imagination - also see TOYS.
Zeny (Zenen) Fuentes - (Oaxaca) alebrijes - carved wood creatures of the imagination.
Angélico Jímenez - (Oaxaca) alebrijes - carved wood creatures of the imagination.
Leonardo Linares - (state of Mexico) alebrijes - creatures made from cartón (cardboard) and wire. Featured in the book "The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art and The Great Masters of Latin America."
Marcelo Vidales Fuentes - (Oaxaca) alebrije toys - carved wood. Also see TOYS
José Abraham Ruiz (Mexico) finely carved bone miniatures. The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.
Artes de Mexico (Mexico) - September 1988 was the first issue of the Artes de Mexico encyclopedic book collection on Mexico, its art and culture.
Emilio Barocio Yacobo - (Michoacán) ceramic Catrinas (skeleton fancily-dressed figures)
Veronica Casares Lee - (Michoacán) ceramic figures
Daniel Paredes - (Puebla) intricately painted figures, retablos, etc.
Adelina Pedro Martínez - (Oaxaca) intricately beautiful barro negro (black clay) figures, etc.
Hilario Alejos Madrigal - (Michoacán) piña (pineapple) pottery. Featured in the book Great Masters of Latin America.
José Luis Cortez Hernández - (Jalisco) extraordinary bruñido (burnished) pottery. Member of Herencia Milenaria.
Olivia Domínguez Rentería - (Chihuahua) thin-walled ceramics
Guadalupe García Ríos - (Michoacán) high-fired unique ceramics of the highest quality
Juana Gómez Ramírez - (Chiapas) intricate ceramic jaguars, pots, and other ceramic items. Be sure to read "Juana Goes Green!" on this page. Featured in the book Great Masters of Latin America.
Germán Hernández Villafuerte - (Michoacán) barro bruñido & (burnished) in the "negative" style
Alejandra Nuñez Guevara/Talavera de la Trinidad - (Puebla) - talavera
Nicasio Pajarito González - (Jalisco) the famous barro canelo (cinnamon) pottery of Tonalá
Manuel Reyes - (Oaxaca) - high-fired ceramic figures, etc.
Bernardina Rivera - (Michoacán) olla (jug) pottery towers. Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.
Angel Santos - (Jalisco) - barro bruñido pottery miniatures of Tonalá. Featured in the book Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art. Member of Herencia Milenaria.
Susana & Erik Vásquez Hernández - (Veracruz) intricate relief ceramics
José Flores- (Jalisco) original clothing designs embroidered in silk and handmade leather purses and shoes.
Asuncion Gómez Díaz - (Chiapas) traditional embroidery on manta (type of cotton cloth)
Oliverio Gómez Pérez - (Chiapas) embroidered blouses and guayaberas (type of man's shirt)
Rosaura González Sebastián - (Michoacán) rebozos (shawls), napkins, etc. made on a backstrap loom
Catalina Juárez Hernández - (Chiapas) embroidered blouses (huipiles) made of manta (cotton cloth) from Aguacatenango
Teresa López Jimenez - (Oaxaca) fabulous hand-embroidered colorful designs embellish huipiles & other fabric items. Featured in the book Great Masters of Latin America.
Moisés Martínez - (Oaxaca) hand-woven silk rebozos (shawls)
María Patixtán Licanchitón - (Chiapas) wool weaving and embroidery
María Anastasia Pérez Díaz & Cooperativa Grupo de Mujeres Artesanas de Santa Catarina - (Chiapas) hand-woven cotton huipiles (blouse/dress)
Francisca Pérez Gómez - Cooperativa Pepen - (Chiapas) back-strap weaving and brocading
Camelia Ramos Zamora and José Mancio - (state of Mexico) handwoven rebozos (shawls)
María Ruiz Gómez - (Chiapas) embroidered blouses (huipiles) made of manta (cotton cloth)
Lorenza Ruiz Sánchez - (Chiapas) cross-stitch embroidery
Francisca Santiz Gómez - (Chiapas) back-strap weaving and brocading
Teófila and Bertha Servin Barriga - (Michoacán) hand-embroidered clothing, scenes on manta cloth and much more.
Close-up embroidery work of Faustina Sumano García Faustina Sumano García - (Oaxaca) silk embroidered Mexican wedding dresses and more. Featured in the book The Great Masters of Oaxacan Folk Art.
Carmen & Antonia Vásquez Hernández - (Chiapas) gauze embroidery
Pascuala Vázquez Hernández - (Chiapas) the famous textile work of Chiapas
Miguel Paredes - (Puebla) whimsical Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) figures, boxes, items that are becoming very difficult to find in Mexico.
Original Friends - Women's Prison Project - (Jalisco) cloth dolls elaborately decorated by women imprisoned in Mexico. Read all about their newest program in Puerto Vallarta.
Antonio Cornelio Rendón - (Michoacán) pototillo (straw) weaving
Ofelia Madariaga - (Yucatán) hammocks
Moisés Ruiz Sosa - (Oaxaca) figures from totomoxtle (cornhusks)
Delfino Victór Sánchez - (Michoacán) creative mirrors made of wood and natural "found" objects from nature
Corporación Equipales SC de RL- (Jalisco) a cooperative of families in Zacoalco de Torres working together making incredible equipales
Olegario Hernández Mendoza - (Oaxaca) gourds painted with fine craftsmanship. Great Masters of Latin America.
Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts - (Jalisco) incredible jewelry made from the tiniest seed beads available, other bead and string work pressed into beeswax
Felix Bautista Martínez(Oaxaca) - silver yalalag crosses and necklaces. Featured in the book Great Masters of Oaxaca Folk Art.
Juan Manuel García Esperanza (Oaxaca) - silver filigree and jewelry. Featured in the book Great Masters of Oaxaca Folk Art.
María Elena González Rodríguez(state of Mexico) - cloth jewelry with adornments
María Elizabeth Mendoza Estrada and Jorge Gabriel Velazco (Chiapas) - Amber and silver
Cesar Montes & Edith Albarron - (Michoácan) finely crafted silver jewelry using many of the age-old Purepecha designs
Papirusa(Jalisco) - paper jewelry
Gabriela Sánchez Arias - (Jalisco) silver jewelry
Paola Rosendo - (Guerrero) beautiful lacquerware (mirrors, boxes, gourds, animals and much more)
Aidé Betsabe Suárez Coutiño(Chiapas) - laca (lacquerware)
Parachico mask by Julio César Díaz Nafate of Chiapas Julio César Díaz Nafate (Chiapas) - masks of Parachicos
Martin, Gerardo & Juan Carlos Salgado Castrejón - (Michoacán) traditional handcarved wood masks colored with maque (a lacquer technique). Their father, Victoriano, was featured in the book Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.
Ruth Cortez Rodríguez - (Guanajuato) silvered Alpaca cutlery, boxes, jewelry, purses, etc.
Gerardo & Cristóbal Hermisillo - (Chiapas) famous iron roof crosses. Father, Guadalupe Hermisillo, is featured in the book, The Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art and Great Masters of Latin America.
La Bodega - (Michoacán) Salvador Hernández creates incredible works of copper art - sinks, tables, bathtubs, and much more.
José Ojeda - (Jalisco) "world-famous "handcrafted knives. Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art, and Great Masters of Latin America.
José Manuel Robles - (Jalisco) painter who exresses Mexican rural life in his own unique style.
Lake Chapala Society's (LCS) Children's Art Program - (Jalisco) paintings created by the children of Lake Chapala.
Centro de Integración Tapalpa, A.C. - (Jalisco) this school is dedicated to nurturing the artistic, creative and academic potential of special-needs children - papier mâché using recycled garbage
Projecto Tarahumara - (Chihuahua) various artwork made by the indigenous Tarahumara people of Chihuahua
Julio Carlos Derramadero Vega- (Guanajuato) papier mâché traditional toys including the famous Lupita muñeca (doll)
Raymundo González Nieto- (Guanajuato) papier maché toys
Matilde Hernández Pérez- (Chiapas) animalitos (animals) made of embroidered wool
Gabriel Martínez - (Guerrero) toys of pasta de caña de maiz (corn stalk)
Eloisa Vargas and Luisa Alcantar Moncada - (Michoacán) handmade dolls of cloth and wood, often with animation
Marcelo Vidales Fuentes - (Oaxaca) alebrije toys - carved wood
Navarro Gómez Family - (Oaxaca) back-strap weaving - rebozos, purses, belts, etc.
Porfirio Gutiérrez - (Oaxaca) hand-woven rugs
Luis Lazo Mendoza - (Oaxaca) hand-woven rugs
Felipe Benítez Miranda - (Guanajuato) unusual Nahuatl carved wood animals and paintings
Francis & Rodolfo Rodríguez - (Michoacán) whimsical and creatively handmade wood nichos, retablos, lifesize chairs