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Adolfo "Fito" Garcia Diaz
Rebozos Palmeado (Shawl with a palm leaf design)

To Contact:
Feria Maestros del Arte does not sell this artisan's work. Please contact them directly.
Calle Sonora 108
Barrio de la Ciénega
Tenancingo, Mexico
714 142 4537

Born in Tenancingo, State of Mexico on October 14, 1950, Adolfo, or Fito as his friends and family know him, is a third-generation cotton rebozo weaver who traces his roots to his grandfather at the end of the 19th Century.

Fito has specialized in what he calls the “palmeado” design (palm-leaf), a larger scale design which has an air of similarity with diagonal herring-bone designs (as shown in the two photos to the right). The difference, of course, is the warp ikat technique — known locally as jaspe or labor — where hundreds of knots, dyeing, undying and placing on the treadle-loom characterizes this emblematic Mexican shawl.

His apprenticeship began at the age of 8 doing simpler tasks, by 15 he was on the loom and by 17 he was able to buy his first treadle-loom. His dream was to have his own workshop which he was able to buy 20 years ago and he has 5 looms, each one specialized with one of the 10 designs he uses with different color combinations.

Fito's son, Luis García, 27 years old, is also a proud jaspe rebozo weaver. The photo to the left clearly shows the quality of design Fito imparts in his work.

Carmen Lopez Sanchez, Fito's wife, works with the women of the outlying villages who do the fringe knotting, giving them ideas for the designs and colors to be used. Fito placed First at a special contest for rebozos with Fonart, where his son, Luis, placed Second. At local Tenancingo contests, three years ago he placed First, and last year Second.


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