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Cooperativa Flor de Dalia
Deshilado (Take out threads)

To Contact: This artisan’s page is part of the Feria Maestros del Arte website, a non-profit organization providing a yearly venue for Mexican folk artisans to come together to sell their work. If you wish to purchase the artisan's work other than at the Feria, you MUST contact them directly.

Mercedes Hernández, President
Guillermo Prieto SN   
Municipio Charapan
San Feliope de los Herreros, Michoacán
452 520 8522 cellphone
Email: none

San Felipe de los Herreros is a small town in Michoacán known for needlework called deshilado or taking out threads. It is very intricate and time-consuming work, but the results are lovely blouses, shirts, shawls, tablecloths, etc. that almost look lace-like where the thread work has been done. The artisan uses a certain type of cotton fabric to pull out the threads and weave and sew them into lovely patterns. Historically, the needle work was done in white. However, some artisans are now working in pastel colors as well.

Cooperativa Flor de Dalia is a group of nine women, aged 32 to 58. In 2009, they formed their own sewing group in their little town of San Felipe de los Herreros in Michoacán after feeling left out of other groups. They call themselves Flor de Dalia.

Most learned their art through family members or watching others in the community. They are so happy to finally have their own group to share their knowledge and friendship.

Cooperativa Flor de Dalia - deshilado (taking out threads) - San Felipe de los Herreros, MichoacánMercedes Hernández is the president of the cooperative and recently won a second prize in their local contest or concurso. Other members have won prizes at regional contests as well. Since they have not had a long history as a group, they only have been able to have a stand in Pátzcuaro for Day of the Dead for two years. They have had a stand at Semana Santa in Uruapan for four years, although it is quite hidden away.

Their work includes the tinier, intricate designs as well as the more standard designs – all are beautifully constructed. Because the work is so time-consuming, it can be expensive, but is unique and beautiful. Governor's wives and other dignitaries have been seen wearing the finer work from San Felipe.

2016 will be the first year deshilado has been shown at the Feria. To say that the group is very excited about coming to Chapala is a great understatement! They can't wait to share their beautiful designs for men, women and children. They will be showing their traditional work in white as well as in colors.

Cooperativa Flor de Dalia - deshilado (taking out threads) - San Felipe de los Herreros, Michoacán Cooperativa Flor de Dalia - deshilado (taking out threads) - San Felipe de los Herreros, Michoacán


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