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Mezhers Onix
Onyx & Marble Household & Decorative Items

Mezhers Onix owners Why onyx and marble? When we look for options in decor, we want something different, original, with an elegant look, is unique and special and something that reflects our personality. Onyx and marble are materials that have been used by kings and monarchs throughout history - selected to create works of art representative of an era, such as Michelangelo's David established white marble as a Renaissance masterpiece.

The benefits of onyx and marble are that they allow the artist to create diversity of designs with different colors, textures and finishes, where the only constraint is the imagination.

Mezher's is a family owned and operated business in Tecali, Puebla, with over 50 years experience in producing articles of onyx and marble. Their range of products include: light coverings, decorations, accessories for the bath, flooring, shelving, fountains. Servies they offer: shipping out of Mexico, custom designs, business advice and support, supply and distribution of blocks of marble or onyx, polising and other work with limestone.

Under the leadership of Alvaro Meza Hernandez (owner and founder), Mezher's was born as a craft workshop, where with effort, knowledge of materials, but above all, with great sensitivity, the skills of dozens of young artisans were developed, resulting in beautiful pieces of original design, which, over time, have been exploited by other workshops in Tecali..

The perseverance, the spirit of excellence and strength of Alvaro Meza have brought them customers who appreciate the quality and finesse of their designs, allowing them to grow in the marketplace and to successfully operate a successful marble factory.

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Currently, Mezhers Onix participates in remodeling projects such as decoration of hotels and residences, as well as maintaining their role in Tecali as a craft center. Family members working in the business include: Administration - Ivone Villanueva Meza, 18 years of age, and Lae Villanueva Meza Palmira, 24. Production and design - Alvaro Villanueva Meza, 19, Villanueva Chantal Meza, 23, and Alvaro Meza Hernandez, 54. They have 16 employees in the company.

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Contact information:
Please contact the artist directly if you wish to purchase their work.
25 de Agosto 111, Tecali, Puebla
224 271 4142, 224 271 4508, in Mexico 800 838 0065

If you are having problems contacting the artist, you can contact Marianne Carlson at 376 765 7485 or email mariannecarlson@gmail.com, however, Marianne does NOT sell the artist's work.

(Photos courtesy of Teresa Bressert


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