How Going To Art Galleries Increases Memory

Art galleries are one of the most awe inspiring and yet fun places to be at. However, did you know that art galleries help stimulate memory? Yes, it has been proven true as well. There are a number of reasons why going to an art gallery can lead to an increase in memory, a few of which are listed below.

Inspires Visual Imagination

When using memory techniques, the person is required to draw up visual imagination. If only using words, the person would probably be using visual words as mnemonics. The more visual iconography a person has in life, the greater the visual words they may use to hold it. The greater the amount of art they have seen, the greater the depth in meaning these words will have.

Visual Imagination

Depicts Words That Can Be Used In Visual Ways

If you have been at an art gallery, it is sort of hard to miss how modern artists use words. Some artists create typefaces, some create comics, etc. In fact, you do not even have to enter an art gallery to see how creatively artists use words. Graffiti and tattoo artists are two other examples. Foreign language vocabulary and phrases can be easily memorized with the help of such iconographic words.

Helps Make Mental Connections Between Space and Material Objects

Looking at a work of art is not just about seeing the artwork: in fact, art occurs when that work of art inspires a thought or idea in the mind of the viewer. This conscious study of emotional responses can help understand what sort of images can be translated into what sort of words, and help increase memory. Also try to journal the experience of having visited the art gallery, because it is a verbal recollection of the experience and helps increase memory.

Makes You Aware Of World Geography

Art depicts almost everything, including geographical places. Deserts, beaches, seas, oceans and several other landscapes are some of the most commonly drawn artistic images out there. However, it educates people on geography in another way as well. People become aware of artists from all over the world at international art galleries, and it brings to light visual cues to depict places.

World Geography

Depiction of History

Art usually depicts what the social, political and economical situations of a place were during the time the art was made. They can help be a window into the past and understand what the artists, or rather the people, were going through. Art in different eras depict historical events in subtle ways; and historians often use art as a way to understand history. Using such visual cues, it is possible to remember things of historical significance like dates, names etc.