How To Get Your Art Into An Art Gallery

Every artist’s dream, whether it be an aspiring artist or a well established one, is fame and recognition. That fame can sell their art and hence make them rich quickly. Displaying their art at an art gallery is every artist’s dream, because it provides an opportunity for fame, recognition and money. Even though it might seem strange to market their own work, this is a skill that every artist needs to sell to stay relevant. Here are some tips to help you get your work displayed at your favourite art gallery.


The first step to getting your work out there is self analysis. Give some thought about what your work is about, and whether or not it gives the impression that it was drawn by a single person. One of the most important virtues of an artist must be individuality. The more your work reflects on yourself as an artist, the better recognition you are bound to receive, and the better it will be sold.

Understanding The Art Community

Simply sending your resume or work to an art gallery does not guarantee anything. Before sending it, there are a few things that need to be done first. You will have to establish yourself as a budding artist and to do that, you will have to go to other art epos, meet other artists and make acquaintances with them. You could even do collaborative work with other artists to increase your reach. Keep an eye out for curators and art gallery owners and introduce yourself to them so that you are a familiar face. Try to understand what kind of work gets displayed at art galleries and try to adjust the tone of your art with respect to the ones on display so that it matches the curator’s taste. Do not undermine any opportunity that might befall you, because you never know when or what your big break may be, so always keep trying to put your best work out there in every space possible.

Use Social Media

An online presence is a very important aspect of being an artist. A well established website in your name can go a long way. A website with a portfolio of your own work is pretty much a resume as it is an art page. Your work is now out there for the internet to see. It is possible to monetize on the website by selling framed art work, and with the power of digital marketing, search engine optimization and social media, it is also possible to increase the reach of the website. It would be a great idea to have a few artworks to show and also collaborate with other artists. It can not only increase the popularity of your work, but also give you inspiration and new ideas to work on.

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