How To Light Art Gallery Style

Buying art is one of the most easy going shopping experiences in the world. It is not an urgent commodity, and unless you have money, you would not be buying it either. So it is only after you buy a piece of art that you think about hanging it. It is one of those things that you do not pay much attention to, but if it doesn’t look good, it is easily noticeable. Yes, this is about how to frame and hang a piece of art. Here are a few tips you can use to hang the art you bought (or made) gallery style.

Mats And Frames

Mats And Frames

One of the best ways to use mats and frames is sticking to the most versatile colours: black and white. White mats and black frames really bring out the art in question. If there are more than one works of art being displayed on the same wall, it is always best to stick with the same frames and mats to give them a uniform look. However, if you feel like black and white might be a bit mundane, it is a good idea to switch up colours so that the wall looks vibrant and colourful.


It is important that your art work is illuminated correctly. Art gallery lighting (see Banno Lighting for more details) generally comes in track lights that point directly onto the front of the artwork. This enables the end user to view the art as the artist intended.

Hang The Art At Eye Level

Art needs to be viewed comfortably, and so it is always best to hang it at eye level. Most of the art that people view is while standing; and this means that it should be visible at all angles from a standing position. The centre of the artwork must be the place they see at eye level, and so you will need to measure the height of the art from the wire to the frame and divide it by 2. Add the measurement of half the art’s height after measuring 58 inches on the wall and then subtract the distance between the wire and the top of the frame. Put the nail at that spot, for that is where you will have the approximate centre of the art at eye level. Art hung in a grid fashion or salon style is also very appealing as well. Furniture might need to be adjusted so that the gap between the floor and furniture aren’t too much.

Hang Art In A Grid

Grids work perfectly for showcasing art, because everyone loves symmetry. It is pleasing to the eye and it helps give a neat organised look to the overall aesthetic of the gallery. Try to keep at least two to three inches between the frames so that it is evenly spaced and each individual piece of work looks well defined. Each work of art needs to be seen clearly and the borders should be sharp.