How To Start An Art Gallery

Art galleries are not just creative outlets for artists, they are also well established businesses. It takes a lot of time and effort to curate the works of good artists, and it takes even more time to find art because the art should not only be amazing, but should also be sold. The job of an art gallery owner is to blur the fine line between the creative art world and the business world. Here are a few tips to set you on the right path if you are an art curator or gallery owner trying to open an art gallery.

Understand The Market

Contemporary art has a wide range of tastes. Each person has a different taste when it comes to what kind of art they enjoy. Some people like art which is abstract and otherworldly, while some others like realistic art. Either way, it is important for the curator to understand what the people demand, what they like, what makes them tick. Have a clear understanding about what gets sold and what does not.

Understand The Art You Sell


Try to get as much information about the art you are selling at the gallery. It is important that you become an expert in the field first. Seek out other art galleries where you can visit either offline or online. Try to have a deep understanding of the artists as well, know what the art is about, what the meaning is etc.

Plan Out The Business Model

Before opening an art gallery, it is important to understand how the art gallery conducts  business. Create a business model that formulates how the gallery will operate, make it sell and an overall growth plan. Funding is an absolute necessity for the overall management of the gallery. The curator must decide whether they want to profit from the sales commission, and if so, what the commission percentage will be.

Rent Out The Space

art gallery owners

Art galleries are not exactly open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So it is difficult to make money when the gallery is not showing anything. One of the ways art gallery owners compensate for this is by renting the space. It can be used as office spaces, shootings, etc. This is also another way of attracting more buyers for the art. When people come there for an event, they might like the art they see there and buy it.

 Create An Online Presence

 An online presence is very important when it comes to running an art gallery. The curator needs to have a well designed website where they post about the artists and art they sell and sold recently. It gives a farther reach for both the artist and the curator.