Why do we do it?

To keep Mexican folk art alive! As Mexico changes, many artists have been forced to give up their art to make a living in the cities. Without the kind of intervention Feria Maestros del Arte provides, the world’s most creative culture will lose its exceptional heritage. Help us preserve Mexico’s artistic traditions. Visit Chapala, one of Mexico’s most beautiful villages, spend a weekend with master artists (maestros) and the vibrant multicultural community that makes this fair possible, and take home treasures from one of the world’s most soulful and creative cultures. We’ve made it affordable for everyone!

Here is a wonderful news article that captures the essence of what Feria Maestros del Arte is trying to achieve – “Mexico’s Artisans Abandon Their Crafts – Guitar-Makers of Paracho Compete with Factories of Asia”. The article explains how there has been a drop in tourism since 9-11 because of Chinese knock offs. The disappearance of demand for higher quality Mexican Folk Art. Government indifference. There are plenty of theories as to why the family artisan tradition in Mexico may be lost.

Pacific News Service ran the same article in 1995. Even then, it was becoming evident that Mexico was in danger of losing many of its artists because of cultural and outside influences. Read it for yourself! This is why we try and help these creative people maintain generations of what could become “endangered” art.

Here is an excerpt from that article: “In Michoac√°n, at least 40,000 families live from what they make by hand. But they’re so dependent on pass-through tourist sales that all it takes to cripple a village is for the federal government to build a highway around the town. This happened to the village of Tzintzuntzan years ago and its ceramics industry lost all its vitality. More than half the village’s residents now live in Mexico City, Santa Ana, or Tacoma.”