What To Wear To An Art Gallery

As the age old saying goes: “The first impression is the best impression”. Art galleries are one of the most exciting and fun venues to be at. Contemporary art demand has increased quite significantly over the years for their aesthetic beauty, powerful form of self expression and a general show of superiority. Art today holds a sense of power and prestige, a kind unparalleled by any other sort of expression. Art is coming to increasing significance everyday, with art being displayed from cafes to big hotel suites. So art galleries are also now being visited increasingly every year. So this brings up an interesting question: what do you wear to such a place?

Art galleries can be of different sizes and capacities. There are art galleries that are suffocatingly small with paintings and artwork inched together impossibly close; or they could be large expansive venues with just one work of art hung from each wall. It is a matter of personal preference of the art gallery owner, but whatever be the case, it will not hurt to dress for the occasion. The last thing you would want is to stick out like a sore thumb.

Search Ahead

Find out what the venue is and where it is located. There is not exactly a dress code per se, but it would be a good idea to search for images of what to wear at such an occasion. Do a quick Google search on what the previous goers were wearing and also check if the area is in a posh high flying place or on a busy road with busy bustling traffic, because the greater the interacting people, greater will be common folk, hence deciding the outfit.


 Private Galleries

These are conducted for profit in exhibitions ranging from the massive Tim Faulkner Gallery in Kentucky to the tiny Firecats Project Gallery in Chicago. At such places, a specific niche of people are not specified; any kind of people can attend such a gallery. In such situations, when the theme is not clear, the best bet would be wearing a smart casual outfit, nothing too casual like tank tops but nothing too formal like you are going for a wedding. However, there are certain art galleries like in Brooklyn, or Brooklyn wannabes, where the poshness of the place reflects on the attire of the people. If other people are wearing quite formal fashionable outfits, you should probably pick out the most fashion icon dress you can get, unless you want to be left out.


So it is safe to say that a smart casual outfit is pretty much the way to go, since it is not too casual neither too formal; and it fits perfectly into the aesthetic of a dimly lit room with beautiful art all over the walls.